Baby Gracie – Kent Family Photographer

If you read my previous post, you will know that I recently went on an amazing business & photography course called ‘The Delight Retreat’ held by Vicki Knights.  During the retreat we had the opportunity to shoot two families, a fun family of four which you can see here and a lovely couple with their baby girl, Gracie.  She was ever so good with 11 photographers snapping away at her like the paparazzi and apart from the odd moment, didn’t seem phased by any of it.

Gracie is at that lovely age within a baby’s first year, where they can  happily sit up without any help, yet aren’t on the move which of course is perfect for photographers as it means we can capture them much more easily in the comfort of their own home or out on location.

Here are some of my favourite photos of Gracie.  If you would like to capture some beautiful photos of your baby at this key stage, please go to my contact form.

Baby Grace - Tenterden Family Photographer_0001Baby Grace - Tenterden Family Photographer_0002Baby Grace - Tenterden Family Photographer_0003Baby Grace - Tenterden Family Photographer_0004Baby Grace - Tenterden Family Photographer_0005Baby Grace - Tenterden Family Photographer_0006


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